Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ho Ho Who


Toy and Tool come from the same Old English Word.

That is what I read on the pop up on the cable holiday music channel.

It Must be True!

Maybe it is only true to those who really believe it in their hearts,? and then only to the good ones!

It makes perfect sense to Me

The two features that Identify the Gods and Goddesses of Indo - European Mythology .

The possession of a Magic Tool or Gift

and their sharing,giving,loaning,negotiable character .

This is what makes them Noble and distinctive in a cosmos of many mighty and powerful beings



I wonder if there might be something temporary and transient in need and help that plays with our work,that effects what we receive.and give.


Changing year to year  our tools and toys, jobs and joys. magic to make it through.

A Benevolent Sky Rider, fly round the globe annually.

Listener Listing on the Top of the World ,while little busy makers load up for the voyage.

The team and driver navigating by starlight,arriving  at every hearth and home.

coming down from the top, roof, chimney, smoke hole,exiting  the same way.

This seems like a folk contract,with the popular imagination, perhaps triggered by a winking, or one eyed, white bearded little man in a red suit..

Teleporting ,Time, technology is the same thing.

A dead give away

All of the light, all of the warmth and joy and goodwill may be Pagan customs dealing with the dark and the rebirth of the Sun,or older the secret is in your drying  socks.

Domestic celebration of Human comforting and comfort is vital in the dead of winter.

A cult of Shelter appreciation develops with inhospitable weather. Hosting the visitor,the traveler and being rewarded with luck may be the origin of the superstitions, beliefs. and customs of magical reciprocity.and Its” delivery Man.