Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ritual expression,Sacred specialization

The exchange of  Material and Energy transference localized .

Form and Flame, Shape and Shadow

A process of offerings, witnessed

We are Flesh and Fire. Families

Solstice  winter 2014 grove and family

Some how made unique and individual .

Character qualities that are not about what is done, but how it is done, or tried.

Style  or Spirit, spirit or style maybe it is Timing .

Stepping up to face the Occasion.

Our repeated actions have a accumulative Magic effect on our Development.and what we attract to ourselves.

The Practice of Seasonal realignment,Holiday group gatherings associated with the passing of Time seems to act as a experience accelerant.Gratitude enhancer ,psychic hormone,

A life changer, an eye opener or just pleasantly passing the time.

It is the Love that passes between bodies that keeps things going.

The Habits of invention,the instinct of curiosity, the love of Idea, the passion for Life

Joy! in the sharing!