Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lights in the Tree,Energy of Place,Power of Space




The message is in the many, the multiplicity, supported by a common central structure, not a simple more is better accounting in revenue generation

The Seasonal Holiday ritual get together an opportunity to shine as individual contributors to the collective display occasion.

The Idea of the Idea grounded in location, and Habit. 

Specialness and belonging

Territorial  connections and the Odd Human  Nesting instinct with its’ competing qualities of accessibility and exclusivity in the divisions of Space and defining comfort,safety,personal,public,private,orientation of doors and windows,rooms and buildings, neighborhoods around patterns of behavior, life styles.

Many People,Many Gods,very little parking.

The Neo Pagan Druid concept of Sacred Space that is convenient and shared seems contrary to the Ancient impulse toward the limited and inaccessible . .

The Sacred Space of the past lacks the secondary egress that is the essential element of safe large group assembly.

We are ,

are We? the lights strung up on the Tree?

Time turning traffic travel traction or seasonal shelter spot lights glowing.

There isn’t any way to back out of this,

We can go around the block again,

might get lucky, or luckier

round and round again

Visiting Spirits